Compulsory Land Acquisition and Compensation

Know your rights. Negotiate the best outcome. Compulsory land acquisition is mostly unexpected and unwelcome, bringing anxiety and uncertainty to landowners. You may be affected as a home owner, business owner or commercial tenant.

Our Conveyancing Division is experienced in delivering successful outcomes. As a landowner or tenant, you have rights – you don’t have to settle for less than you deserve.

We can guide, represent and advocate for you from the time you receive a Notice of Acquisition right through the complex process of negotiation and settlement. Expert legal counsel supports you in getting fair and reasonable compensation. If needed, we will represent your interests at mediation conferences or VCAT in relation to disputes.

The acquiring authority usually seeks to resolve issues by negotiation on just and fair terms. Having accurately assessed the merits of your case, our property law specialists can put forward various grounds or alternative valuations to maximise compensation. The stakes are high for both parties; negotiations are a delicate process requiring skill and due diligence.

At every step, we keep you informed as we work towards a best-case result.

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