Whether in business or in the creative industries, copyright is a critical area of intellectual property. Yet, it’s often misunderstood by the people who most rely on it.

Copyright covers a vast variety of works including literary, artistic, dramatic, musical and cinematic works and includes works such as manuals, computer software, drawings, photographs and other materials used in the ordinary course of business.

A common myth is that you must apply for copyright. In fact, copyright will automatically subsist in a new work (that is, a work which is not copied).

Copyright law is complex. It varies according to the type of work involved, geography, timeframes and many more variables. Moral rights are a related area: a personal right that is enjoyed by the author of the copyright work during his or her lifetime. Moral rights include the right to have the author’s name on the work and also the right to not have the work derogatorily treated by others.

Our experienced copyright lawyers will work with you to help you understand your rights, obligations, opportunities and options in relation to copyright. We will help you devise strategies to protect and enforce your rights, whether personal or business related. Our focus is always to give you control and choice in maximising the commercial potential of your works.

Our specific copyright services include:

  • identifying and assessing the existence of copyright works
  • developing strategies to monitor the creation and evolution of copyright works
  • initiating and defending infringement proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court
  • protecting and defending rights overseas
  • commercialising copyright works through licensing
  • buying and selling copyright works by way of assignment.

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