Family Law

Sensitive, confidential legal counsel when you need it most. We understand the complex nature of family law. We know you’re undergoing enormous emotion and stress. Establishing your legal position can be frustrating and confusing.

Taking a professional and empathetic approach to your family law matter and providing comprehensive legal advice, we work with you to resolve your matter using a conciliatory approach, which may include mediation.

We encourage you to consider your position carefully. Give us the time to listen and inform you thoroughly so that you truly understand your options and the effect on the future of you and your family members.

Should the necessity for litigation arise, our family lawyers Geelong have deep knowledge of both the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court processes and rules.

Key matters we can advise you on include:

  • division of property of parties of a marriage or domestic relationship
  • matters involving children's ongoing care arrangements following separation
  • same sex property and children's matters
  • spousal maintenance
  • divorce
  • child support
  • intervention orders.

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