Intellectual Property

Reward the creator. It seems simple. But in a global marketplace, warp-speed technology makes innovation more viable, more visible … and more vulnerable. Intellectual Property (IP) protection becomes more challenging than ever.

At Coulter Roache, we believe those who create deserve to be rewarded for their innovation. Our Intellectual Property team, including our own Trademark Attorney, brings together expert lawyers with specialties in commerce, technology and IP law.

We provide insightful and strategic IP services to small, medium and large business enterprises to help you realise and maximise your reward for effort. Protecting your rights gives you control. You decide the best application of your IP, the timing, the markets, the pricing. You can plan with confidence and create the future.

We advise you throughout the IP lifecycle – from identification and creation, through to management, commercialisation and enforcement of your intellectual assets and IP rights.

Our wide IP spectrum covers areas such as Copyright, Moral Rights, Designs, Trade Marks, Patents and other IP-related rights including confidentiality, trade secrets and domain names.

Our Intellectual Property Geelong law services include:

  • domestic and international IP registration
  • opposition, revocation and enforcement
  • IP maintenance and registration renewals
  • commercialisation of IP including licensing, franchising, distribution agreements, and assignments
  • domain name dispute resolution
  • competition and consumer law
  • confidentiality and trade secrets
  • terms and conditions, and privacy policies.

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