Owners Corporations and Compliance

More than a million and a half Victorians (or one in four) live in or are affected by owners corporations in suburban estates, communities, shopping centres, apartment complexes and townhouse complexes.

As an investor, business owner or individual, you need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities under the Owners Corporate Act 2006 and Owners Corporations Rules.

An owners corporation is a body corporate incorporated by registration of a plan of subdivision or principally to control and manage common property. The rules may be based on common sense, but they can be extensive and prescriptive, especially in large buildings. Disputes are common and often arise from misunderstandings.

Limitations may impact your commercial results, either as an investor or business owner.

Our expert property lawyers are skilled and experienced in this specialty area. We can advise you on all aspects including:

  • responsibilities in acquiring units or properties where an Owners Corporation exists
  • establishing an Owners Corporation and all statutory compliance
  • preparation of Owners Corporation certificate in the sale of a property
  • acquisition of interests in land from an Owners Corporation
  • resolving Owners Corporation disputes.

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