Personal and Business Asset Protection

A safety net – it is prudent, not pessimistic. The cornerstone of any business strategy should be protecting yourself, your family and your business.

As a business proprietor or director of a company or investment strategy, you could be exposing yourself to personal liability.

A solid asset protection program structures your affairs to minimise your risk exposure. It extends to all personal and business assets including land and intellectual property.

If you or your business are sued or become liable for a debt, your assets are safeguarded from third parties. You have more control over outcomes. You can create your future without risking it all.

At Coulter Roache, our Corporate & Commercial experts are experienced in all forms of asset protection for both individuals and businesses.

Our focus is working closely with you to understand your circumstances and shape an asset protection solution to fit your needs.

Recommendations might include transferring property into another party's name, holding assets under a company and/or trust structure, or mortgaging a property. We advise on taxation implications and guide you through the various steps required to implement our recommendations.

With an asset protection safety net in place, you and your family can have peace of mind.

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