Retirement Villages and Aged Care Accommodation

Demystify the process. Negotiate strong and get peace of mind. Purchasing a right to occupy a dwelling or placement in a retirement village or an aged care facility is a complex process. Your sense of security and confidence is paramount.

Coulter Roache, through our market leading Conveyancing Division, can ease the transition, relieving pressure on older individuals and their families.

Our experts in property law Geelong advise on relevant contract documents required for acquisition of a lease or title to a retirement village unit, or the right to reside in an aged care facility.

Our specialist lawyers can act on your behalf in the:

  • negotiation of terms of agreements which may include service agreements and aged care accommodation agreements
  • purchase transaction and carrying out searches and enquiries necessary to effect settlement of the transaction
  • transaction to finalise accommodation agreements
  • sale or disposition of the interest acquired.

Aspects you should consider as part of this process are: 

  • entering into a lease/license to live in the facility when individual title is provided
  • the impact on your Centrelink entitlements
  • the circumstances under which the lease/licence can be terminated
  • the amount due to you/your estate upon a lease/licence being terminated.

Our role, as legal advisor, is to help you understand and navigate this complex area, assess your options and make the best decision based on what’s important to you.

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