Trade Marks

Trade marks can form the most integral part of your business' good will and value. Your customers and consumers often identify and remember your products and services by your trade mark. It’s part of your brand and your business equity. You need to protect it as you would any other business asset.

Registration of a trade mark grants you, the registered owner, a monopoly over the use of a substantially identical or deceptively similar trade mark. A trade mark can be a word, logo, number, aspect of packaging, colour, sound or scent used to distinguish your goods and services from the goods and services of your competitors.

Our expert intellectual property lawyers offer deep experience and insightful advice aimed at helping you create strong, innovative and memorable trade marks.

Our specific trade mark services include:

  • searching and advising on the registrability of trade marks
  • searching and advising on the potential of infringement of trade marks
  • filing trade mark applications in Australia and overseas
  • prosecuting and defending trade mark oppositions with IP Australia
  • initiating and defending infringement proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court
  • commercialising and exploiting trade mark rights through licensing and distribution
  • portfolio management
  • watching third party trade marks/persons on behalf of clients.

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