Unit Trust Instruction Sheet

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Personal Details
1. Name of Trust
2. Purpose of Trust
3. Trustee Details
4. Directors of Trustee (if corporation)
(a) First Director
(b) Second Director
5. Original Unit Holders
(a) First Unit Holder
(a) Second Unit Holder
6. Settled Sum
7. Form of Execution
8. Specific Instructions
Terms and Conditions
  1. Prices quoted are effective 1 July 2013. All prices are GST inclusive. Prices subject to change at any time.
  2. It is the responsibility of the instructing party at all times to ensure that the information provided is accurate.
  3. If new documents have to be prepared as a result of errors in the information given then a further fee will be charged in accordance with the time taken to rectify the error.
  4. The Corporate Services division of Coulter Roache Lawyers Pty Ltd does not offer any legal advice in the process of drafting the documents requested. If the instructing party requires legal advice then they may make an appointment with one of our Commercial Lawyers.
  5. The documents received will be in a standard form prepared by our Commercial Lawyers at Coulter Roache Lawyers Pty Ltd.
  6. All documentation will be prepared on the instructions contained in this order form. The Corporate Services division of Coulter Roache Lawyers Pty Ltd has provided no advice to the parties in relation to establishing the particular entity.
  7. The Corporate Services division is not licensed to provide Financial Product ("FP") advice under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and you should consider taking advice from the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence before making a decision on an FP.
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