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Managing your team is a challenging part of business. Workplace relations cover more than the “nuts and bolts” of employee recruitment, engagement and termination. A raft of conditions and matters arise both during and after the employment relationship. Prevention and problem-solving go hand-in-hand – pre-emptive strategies streamline your HR systems and responsive advice smooths over trouble spots.

From your long-term desire to provide a safe and fair workplace, to your immediate need to resolve a dispute, our expert team of workplace relations lawyers provide the expertise you need.

At Coulter Roache, we’ve developed a full-time practice in workplace relations with a focus on Geelong and the surrounding regions. Our Workplace Relations group offers you a level of support previously only available in Melbourne.

We provide practical, cost-effective counsel to local businesses, big and small, on all aspects of employment law. We keep you informed about changes in the law and educate you about your responsibilities as an employer.

We help you minimise risk by putting robust systems and programs in place – office manuals outlining firm policies and procedures, six-monthly review of OH&S standards and a practice of file noting and dating discussions. Have you considered running relevant training on sexual harassment or other topics?

Carefully drafted employee contracts and well-developed policies make a solid platform for safeguarding your business and employees, and creating a better workplace environment for all.

Our team of employment lawyers regularly advise clients in:

  • unfair and unlawful dismissal
  • discrimination
  • industrial relations
  • occupational health and safety
  • modern awards
  • employment contracts
  • restructuring and redundancies
  • consultancy and independent contract arrangements.

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