Change in how the law deals with Transgender teens

By Anne O'Loughlin - Principal, Head of Family Law
Certain medical procedures require a court order prior to the medical procedure being undertaken on a child even if the child’s parents consent to the medical treatment and a doctor recommends the treatment.

Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017

By Martin Reid - Principal, Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution
The Victorian Government has introduced to Parliament the Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017 (Bill) in a bid to make things fair for labour hire workers in Victoria.

Leaders of the Pack: Coulter Roache leans in

By 1 December 2017, all caveats will have moved online in Victoria. More than ready for this transition is Coulter Roache, with close to 1,000 caveats in its pocket.

Same sex relationships in the eyes of the law

By Anne O'Loughlin - Principal, Head of Family Law
As Australians vote on whether same sex couples should be given the right to marry, it is time to consider the status of same sex couples in the context of the law.

Federal Government tackling illegal phoenix activity

By Allison Murphy - Lawyer, Corporate & Commercial
Last month, the Federal Government announced that reforms to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (the “Act”) will be implemented to crack down on illegal phoenix activity which is costing the economy billions of dollars each year.

Are your business-to-business contracts fair?

By Michelle Martin - Lawyer, Corporate & Commercial Proceedings have been initiated in the Federal Court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) against JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd (JJ Richards) based upon the allegation that their standard form small business...

A lawyer to represent the children’s interests

By Tara Paatsch - Senior Lawyer, Family Law
In family law parenting proceedings, the Court has the power to order for the appointment of a lawyer to represent the best interests of the children. 
The role of the Independent Children’s Lawyer (“the ICL”) is an important one.

Costs of legal proceedings

By Benjamin Capill - Lawyer, Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Clients in a legal dispute often ask whether they can claim their legal costs from the other party.

A Broad Approach to the Definition of a Retail Premises

The Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic) (“Act”) governs retail leases in Victoria.  To determine the application of the Act, consideration must be given to whether a lease constitutes a retail lease pursuant to its provisions.

The Court’s Approach to Applications for Spousal Maintenance

In financial proceedings between parties to a marriage or a de facto relationship, including a same sex relationship, the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court have the power to make such orders as they may consider proper with respect to the financial maintenance of one party by another.