Covington Case Webinar and Judgments

Family & Relationship Law 28 September 2021

The recent decision of Covington which progressed through the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia and High Court of Australia has canvassed issues including vaccinations, mainstream schooling, religious observance and examined in detail the Court’s powers to make orders in relation to vaccinations and consent orders.

A recording of the webinar discussion on the case presented by Eleanor Mallett (counsel briefed in the matter, Svenson Barristers List S) and Satbir Singh (Senior Lawyer, Family & Relationship Law at Coulter Roache) and moderated by Bonnie Phillips (Principal Lawyer, Head of Family & Relationship Law at Coulter Roache) is available to watch below.

Click on the images below to view the Case Judgments:

Covington & Covington [2020] FamCA 1064 – 11 December 2020 (Application to set aside Consent Orders)


Covington & Covington [2021] FamCA 24 – 27 January 2021 (Stay Application)


Covington & Covington [2021] FamCA 198 – 13 April 2021 (Stay Application)


Covington & Covington [2021] FamCA 152 – 16 April 2021 (Full Court of the Family Court of Australia)  


Covington & Covington [2021] HCASL 179 – 9 September 2021 (High Court of Australia) (Stay Application)   

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