Buying and selling property is one of the largest and most important transactions you are ever likely to make.

The Coulter Roache Conveyancing division is backed by the expertise of a law firm that has supported Geelong and the broader community for more than 80 years.

Our team of conveyancers provide practical, valuable and concise legal services throughout the process of buying and selling residential property anywhere in Victoria from our offices in Geelong, Anglesea, Barwon Heads, Bannockburn and Torquay.

Selling your property

When thinking about selling your property, it’s never too soon to appoint us to act for you. We can do much of the work before you’ve appointed your selling agent.

We act with you in mind.

Our conveyancers prepare documentation to the highest standard which provides you with peace of mind that no shortcut will disrupt your sale.

We protect you.

In addition to preparing your vendor’s statement with up-to-date and correctly obtained disclosure information, our conveyancers will provide your selling agent with a Contract of Sale which provides additional protections for you.

Purchasing a property

Our conveyancers are supported by the expertise of our law firm. We are qualified to give you the right advice.

We act with you in mind.

Our conveyancers use their professional contacts in the real estate and financial sectors to ensure we remain up-to-date with your purchase.

We protect you.

You can be sure that our conveyancers are obtaining recent and accurate advice from municipalities to make sure there are no expensive surprises after settlement.

Our Conveyancing Team are PEXA certified e-Conveyancing experts who embrace innovation. You can be confident that your electronic settlement experience will be a positive one.

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