If you are setting up, buying or selling a business, you need to consider what permits and licences you require.

Who are the regulatory bodies you need to contact? How do you apply and comply?  You must be compliant. You must tick the boxes.

At Coulter Roache, we have business legal experts to ease you through each process, help you liaise with relevant authorities and make sure your business is compliant.

The specifics depend on your type of business. Liquor Licences, Food Premises Registration, Business Name Registration – these are just a few of the many boxes you might need to tick in order to trade legally.

Our specialised legal advice can help you avoid delays and penalties. For example, trading under an incorrect or invalid Liquor Licence can have severe repercussions. Food premises are highly regulated and need to meet specific standards under health inspection, transfer or sale, or when alterations are made. Registering a business name is about more than exclusivity and branding; it is a platform for protecting your business against risk and competition.

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