A business lease can limit or liberate you. It is powerfully connected to the value of your enterprise, today and tomorrow.

Lease terms legally bind you to fulfil certain obligations for a set time. Understanding your obligations is vital. Are you responsible for repairs, rates, stamp duty? Do you have options to renew? Can you sub-let?

At Coulter Roache, our commercial property legal experts help you ask the right questions and negotiate terms and conditions in your best interests. We have deep experience dealing with a range of commercial leases including those for retail, hotels, agriculture/farming and quarries.

Leases set out landlord and tenant rights for land and buildings, as well as the use of plant and equipment. It is critical to document lease agreements that clearly define rights and obligations for both parties.

If you are a landlord, having a written lease and right to receive income influences the value of your property. Having a tenant under lease is a distinct advantage when you are selling your property.

If you are a tenant, the lease gives you certainty to remain and trade. Without a written lease, selling your business is problematic.

In Victoria various pieces of legislation govern leases. Unless regulations are strictly complied with, leases may not be binding on the parties.

Disputes between landlords and tenants are sometimes unavoidable and could see you entering into mediation or court proceedings.

With years of collective wisdom related to commercial leasing, our lawyers provide you with practical advice to identify your needs. As a minimum, we ensure your leasing arrangements support your commercial objectives.

From interpreting the intricacies of the Retail Leases Act to preparing Disclosure Statements, documenting tenant/landlord relationships or guiding and advocating you through a dispute, we bring a strong business focus to the table.

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