Conversion of property titles to Torrens System

Prior to the introduction of the Torrens title system in Australia, titles to property in Victoria were registered under the general law system.

Under the general law title system, dealings including transfers and mortgages were registered as a series of deeds known as a chain of title which were required to be produced to prove ownership of the land. The transfer of general law land was transferred by way of a Deed of Conveyance.

The Torrens system was introduced into Victoria in 1862, however it was not until around 1986 that the legislation was amended to allow for easier conversion of title from the general law system to the Torrens system.  From 1 January 2000 conversion from the general law system to the Torrens system became mandatory in order to register a dealing. For example, when selling a property to another person after 1 January 2000, it was mandatory to convert  the old Chain of Title to the Torrens System.

Most titles in Victoria have now been transferred to the Torrens system however in the event that a title still falls under the general law system then it is the Vendors responsibility to effect the conversion to the Torrens system prior to settlement.

There are a variety of ways in which a conversion application can be prepared in accordance with the Transfer of Land Act 1962 (Vic). Our proven experience with the management of the title conversion processes means our team can deliver the conversion of your General Law Land to a Torrens title with confidence and ease.

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